Monday, 20 April 2015

A good weekend

This weekend has been good - absolutely no responsibilities at all - so I was able to spend lots of time in the garden and pottering about at home.  I didn't watch hardly any actual tv although I did watch Vera last night whilst I was finishing off the ironing.

The remnants of my chook-keeping paraphernalia were taken up the road to my friend who has 380 chickens - yes, 380!!  She can use the leftover pellets, bedding and red mite treatment - and the best part of it is that I shall get free eggs for a couple of weeks as an exchange: perfect barter!  She is also going to take the big old chook house that the FH made years ago, but she will need to sort out some help to come and take it apart.....that might not happen this week.  She has been really helpful to me whilst I have been a henkeeper here and so I am glad to let her have what I don't need any longer.  I made a quick sponge with some of her eggs when I got back, and it is delicious.

I finished another OCC hat whilst I watched a film with the YFG yesterday afternoon.  I want to knit something different for a change so I shall have to have a look through my patterns......perhaps I might get back to the Alpinia cardigan that I was knitting ages ago.  It needs to be finished off.

The YFG and I had a quick potter around Lidl on Saturday afternoon as she needed ham for school sandwiches and we were running short of a few other necessities - I do like Lidl.  I shall have to get a meal plan organised today.  Hope you have a good week - I'll be popping round a few blogs when I have a tea break later on xx


Angela said...

We had an unexpected guest for supper after church and I completely forgot about Vera! Despite the fact I am re-reading all the Ann Cleeves I can find in the library at the minute.
I too love Lidl [ours is about to close for a refurb shortly]
Glad to read you had a good weekend xx

SusanM said...

Our schools have just gone back today up here. I had to have a think about the packed lunches too, especially sandwich fillers. This week will be roast chicken (I cooked two breasts, sliced and froze in portions), tuna mayo and sliced cold sausage. Also fruit, home made chocolate muffins and cereal bars. Study leave starts next week so I won't have to think about one packed lunch anyway. Is your garden feeling very empty? It will be a lot less work for you though x

Bridget said...

Glad you had a nice weekend, the weather here was gorgeous.
It's always nice to pass things on that you don't use anymore.
I would rather have a barter system than money quite honestly!