Thursday, 9 April 2015

Back to work today

Back to the phones today...

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Somehow only having two days to do before I get the weekend again is uplifting.

Plans abound at this end of the week. The EFG is off to Cambridge with a friend from school here, and they will be mooching around, spending time together more than anything else as I don't think that there is actually much on her shopping list.

The YFG will be busy revising again today - she will be in school tomorrow for a science revision day. She has a friend in the village who is also going so we are sharing lifts.  I think I am on afternoon pick-up duty.

The garden is looking smarter and better cared for after the last few days.  The woodwork has been treated, there are seeds sown and veg beds weeded.  The sunshine has really got us in the mood for the gardening season.

There has been near-hourly mutterings along the lines of "when are we going shopping?!" and "there's nothing to eat" to which I have firmly replied that we are shopping at the weekend and there is plenty to eat in the cupboards, even if most of it is not instant, out of the packet kind of stuff.  There was a bit of a mutiny yesterday in that they decided to walk down to the village shop and bought bourbon biscuits from their own funds, and since the YFG had to send a parcel, that was two jobs done in one and some exercise to boot!

My purse has been firmly closed since we returned from Bletchley on Saturday [apart from my Sunday offering, of course] and will remain so until I go shopping, again on Saturday.  Money-saving at it's most basic!


Gill - That British Woman said...

good thing it's a short week for you.......

Bridget said...

That sounds like my house! Unless it's something you can open and put straight in your mouth then it's invisible in my cupboards! Get out a saucepan and heat/cook something? Not on your life!!