Friday, 10 April 2015

In praise of daughters

The EFG has been sitting at the dining table tonight, doing a two week menu plan and doing an online order from Sainsbury's to be delivered on the morning after she returns to Aberdeen next week - forward thinking or what!  She does work the opposite way from me, in that she plans what she wants to eat and then shops, whereas I look at what I have in and add bits and pieces to pad out what we have and make meals from that, but she is eating really good vegetarian food and building up a repertoire of interesting recipes.  Whilst I do think that she could make more economic choices sometimes [halloumi, watercress and butternut squash are not the cheapest of ingredients] she is saving some dosh by not eating meat, so I suppose it balances out in the long run.  Jack Monroe's books will have to come out when she is home at the summer break for a longer period to give her some more inspiration.  She's even taking some of the Approved Foods cup a soups from my stash back with her.....

They have both been shopping today - on the train to Peterborough - and the YFG has bought herself a pair of nude-coloured heels to wear at the prom, and a little clutch bag.  She had me in hysterics earlier in the week when she, quite out of the blue, asked, "Where do you think I could buy a clutch?" and I immediately wondered why she wanted to buy part of a car.....She's done well today and bought reasonable quality items at decent prices - the shoes were about £17.99 I think - and they made use of the EFG's student discounts in some of the shops too.  She is unlikely to get much wear out of the shoes so she was sensible not to spend too much on them - although I dare say some people could have sourced shoes for less.

And me?  Well, I have been working again today, doing the laundry, catching up on some phone calls and letter-writing [forgot that the FH had some shares till a letter came this morning about them and so I have had to write a letter about that, not that they are worth much!] and then had a break and sat knitting in the sun.  The YFG went to school for a revision session and I picked her and her friend up at 2pm, so I was out for a short while on taxi duty.  We seem to have done quite a lot wonder I am getting weary.

The weekend is here again and so I am hoping to get out into the garden again tomorrow, but I also have a service to prepare for Sunday so that must be the top priority tomorrow.  I know I shall look longingly out of the window so the earlier I get started and finished, the better.  Hope you all have a great weekend x

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