Friday, 3 April 2015

Operation Downsize begins

Tomorrow is the start.  

Our first rehoming of chickens will begin in the morning, as we take Beryl to her new home in a village just near Milton Keynes.  She can't go in a flock of other hens as she has a funny flappy habit which is a sort of twitch; she is well in every other way and lays eggs in season. But I think she is too frail from that twitch to be in a large flock, and when I rehome the other chooks, I know that some of them will go to a home where there is a cockerel and a larger flock.  She is going to a lovely lady who has a special home for special chooks who need just that bit more TLC.  We will be delivering her to the lady's home and then going on to Bletchley Park.

Some of the other chooks will be moving on in the next few weeks, and then I need to find anther home for my special Gold Partridge Orpingtons with their cockerel.

When you raise them from this

Image result for growing in the fens gold partridge orpingtons

and they grow into these

Image result for growing in the fens gold partridge orpingtons

you want them to be looked after!  

When all of the girls [and boy] are in their new homes, I can set about redeveloping the land on which they have been living and making it more acceptable for the house to go on the market, possibly next year.  We know that the land is going to take some turning around and it won't be done overnight, so we need to be planning ahead a little.

It is not going to be made into a posh garden but probably just grassed over and kept neat.  I know it is going to involve a lot of lawn mowing in the future, but hopefully it will not be my responsibility for too long!  It will be a blank canvas if a gardener wants to do something more ambitious with it all in the future - and well fertilised too!

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