Monday, 30 June 2014

Super Stairlift

The stairlift company originally had it booked in for installation on Wednesday, but then they rang and offered us a £50 discount if they were able to install it today, so of course I said, "Yes!"  Rather have £50 in our pocket than theirs....We have had a busy day, but since the EFG is at home, we could manage it.

The FH had his INR checked, and then we saw the doctor, who said that our visit made his day because he confessed that he wasn't entirely sure that the FH would get through the collapse the other week.....nothing like being honest, is there?!  Anyway, the doctor is a lovely chap and we had a good chat.

This afternoon, whilst the stairlift was still under construction, a salesman from a bathroom company came to talk about a low-entry shower.  He's likely to keep talking - the flipping quotation was over £6K.  I could do a lot of bed baths for £6K so I think we will keep looking at that in the meantime.

Tonight the FH and I are off to our "country retreat" [UJ's house] to be ready for our early start at Papworth in the morning, and UJ is probably on his way over here right now, so I shall have to go and pack our bag.

Hope you are enjoying the gloriously sunny day we have had today, and I'll see you all tomorrow xx


simplesuffolksmallholder said...

Very useful to have the stairlift done earlier. Hope all goes well at Papworth

Lyssa Medana said...

Good luck - prayers continue! WS xxx