Sunday, 15 June 2014

Away but not forgotten

Just popping in tonight to say thank you for the comments and good wishes that keep coming our way!  I haven't published all the comments, as requested, as some are more personal, but every one of them has been very much appreciated.  Your love and support means a great deal to us here.  This weekend has been good, and we have had family here visiting this afternoon.  The EFG has had her head down revising hard for her last week of exams, and then I think I might need to take her out to lunch or something next Friday when she finishes........I'll think of something.  We have a trip out this week when we are going to Stamford to see the hospice doctor, and we are combining it with a meeting with another lovely blogger, so we are really looking forward to that.


SusanM said...

Say hello to Stamford - we lived there for 8 years - beautiful town. Hope all goes well with the doctor. Enjoy meeting with your friend. We bought oven ready pizzas (rare treat) to celebrate the end of the exams. Hope the rest of hers go well - this can't have been an easy time for her x

Louise said...

Enjoy getting together with another of my favourite bloggers. How lovely for you both to meet up. I also hope that the rest of the trip goes well. Take care Best wishes Louise xx