Monday, 16 June 2014

Helping out a friend

I'm 8 miles from home, in a friend's sitting room with her dog, and her three girls are asleep upstairs.  I have been called out tonight to house, dog and daughter-sit whilst she takes her mum off to hospital with a suspected broken wrist after a fall in the kitchen.  How could I refuse?!  This is one of my closest friends, and I haven't got many, who came with me to the hospital last month when the YFG had severe abdominal pains.  She could be a while yet, so I have come prepared with typing to do for school [done], my knitting and a book to read.  I have left my family together, happy that I have come out to help a friend, and they are all OK.  I have left the FH's pills ready, and he was showered and tucked up in bed watching tv when I left.

The EFG has had a horrendous Mechanics exam today, and she is facing Chemistry tomorrow afternoon.  She's still working hard, and looking forward to Friday and the light at the end of the tunnel!  The YFG has also had a Maths exam today and has another one tomorrow, as well as some Science ones later in the week.  She's beginning to worry a little about them now...

Tomorrow we are off to meet the palliative care doctor - and have a bit of a day out in to the bargain!  I am hoping for good weather so that we have a decent run through the countryside, and make the most of the diesel to get there.  We are also looking forward to meeting A & E afterwards.  The FH might do a little bit of the driving tomorrow, as it looks as if I am in for a late night here.  I'll let you know how we get on tomorrow x


rabbitquilter said...

Oh dear, reading the other blog, it looks as if things didn't go to plan. Please don't say you haven't many friends, we are all here for you - just virtual!!!! Love to you all and good luck to the girl's. XX

Morgan said...

RQ - thank you xxx You are so right and I should count my blessings! All I meant is that day to day, I don't have a circle of many women friends around me - actually most of my good friends are men! And you are really good supports to me on here, so I should be more grateful. Thank you xxx