Monday, 2 June 2014

Flowers for you

We went to see UJ on the way home from the hospital on Friday, and I couldn't resist taking these photos of the gorgeous flowers in his garden!  I can't name them all, but they are just stunning, and it looks like a real little patch of cottage garden.

Above - this is the area which I photographed last year and have as my header.

I thought that it would be lovely to share them all with you kind readers.


veeknits19 said...

Lovely flowers, thanks for sharing, Vee xx

Angela said...

I have seen so many lovely lupins recently- is this a particularly good year for them??
Hope UJ gave you a bunch of flowers to take home!

rabbitquilter said...

What a beautiful garden! I have never seen those white lily's growing here! I remember seeing them in Australia, where they grow like weeds!! I'd swop them any day for the dreaded ground Elder!!!! Love to you all XX

Gary Sanders said...

Beautiful flowers.

Kim @ Him, Him Me said...

UJ's garden is lovely to look at. What gorgeous colours.