Saturday, 7 June 2014


TheYFG's group have been lost this afternoon and laboured into the campsite at 8.30pm after 11 and a half hours in the field!  The assessor felt so sorry for them that he put their tent up for them.......can't help thinking that the group has probably failed the expedition: they didn't have all three pages of their route plan, their map reading obviously isn't up to much, and then they rang me for the teacher's mobile number because they had rung what they thought was her number and got a stranger!  They were about 5 miles from their destination, they thought, at 5pm when they rang, but apparently it took them a further three and a half hours to actually get there - she must be exhausted!  The good news is that they only have to walk for 4 hours tomorrow so I can pick my two {YFG and friend from the village whose mum took them this morning} up earlier than expected.  Oh dear!

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Angela said...

I do so hope it wasn't raining. Hope they all get home safely tonight! x