Tuesday, 10 June 2014


Last night we had some incredibly heavy downpours of rain here at about 11.30pm: the rain was hammering down on the verandah roof, the road was awash as the water flowed off the driveways and paths into the gutters, and I really wondered whether my poor courgette plants would make it!  It seemed last night as if Noah's Ark would be needed again today.

But this morning has dawned bright and clear, the sky is just blue all over and the sun is beaming away.  And the roads are clear of water, the paths are dry and it is as if the rains of last night almost didn't happen.  We know that they did, but today is a fresh start.

Seems to me that life is a bit like that for us at the moment: we are having some incredibly thoughtful days where it seems that all is doom and gloom and the only way is downwards, and then other days are bright and clear, just like this morning, and we feel ok about life.  More days like this are definitely required and less of the gloomy ones, but actually, that is what it is like - there are far more sunny days on the horizon just now than there is rain, so I hope that we can get through this season with some joy in our hearts, and just enjoy being.


veeknits19 said...

What a great attitude, it's very true, I'm sure. Lots more sunshine & pleasure to come. Vee x

Angela said...

So very true- just keep tracing the rainbows through the rain... xx

Gary Sanders said...

Remember - where you only see one set of footprints, that's when God is carrying you x