Sunday, 29 June 2014

Solid Sunday

I've done loads today, and I know I will need to find time for a nap sometime this week - rather like the 2 hours I had on a heap of quilts on the sitting room floor on Saturday afternoon!  Now that there is no sofa, I just laid down, and snoozed....

The EFG and the FH went with UJ to see Uncle P this afternoon, and then UJ stayed for tea with us when they got back.

The YFG accompanied me to take a service in the north of the circuit, but she declined coming in to the worship and sat in the car in the car park at the rear of the chapel, reading her book.  There were several downpours and she says it was a wee bit chilly out there, so when I went out to her after the service, she was wrapped up in my hoodie.  It was lovely to share worship here again as this is a particularly lively chapel.  We had a chap on drums, one on euphonium and two ladies - one playing the organ and one on the piano, playing perfectly in sync!

After that, the YFG and I went to Aldi to spend the required £45 in order to redeem the £5 voucher from the Mirror this week - hope you got one if you needed one this week!  I have stocked up on lots of toiletries and tinned goods this time as some of the stocks were running a bit low in those areas.

We spent the afternoon doing an extra gymnastics session with some girls who are entering a competition soon, and then we came home to make lasagne for tea.  We had time for a cup of tea and a wee break to relax before we got all the shopping put away and sorted out before the others returned home.

And tonight - a big sorting out of this month's receipts and spending records....washing, washing up, and some tidying.  Off to bed now - the YFG starts her work experience tomorrow for two weeks and I am the taxi to get her there each day, so I have to be up and at it, ready to go out at 8.30am each morning.

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veeknits19 said...

Sounds like a busy time. Glad to hear the positives of nice family time, visits, good sermon & bargains. Hope YFG enjoys her work experience and you manage to fit in some rest. Thinking of you, Vee xx
PS Didn't see the usual window, so hope this isn't publishing twice! Vee x