Tuesday, 6 March 2012


The EFG has got slap cheek, the viral infection - I haven't been beating her up! She had very rosy cheeks this morning and felt rather off-colour, so I rang the school and told them that I wasn't sure what the matter was, but I wouldn't be sending her in on the bus. I gave her an antihistamine, in case it was an allergic reaction to something - she's allergic to horses and cats so we know what that looks like in her, and I am have an allergic reaction on my face if I eat fresh cherries - and she held a cold flannel on her face. The school advised me to speak with the doctor's surgery, who confirmed that the slap cheek virus has been reported locally, so they diagnosed her over the phone!

She'll be off school tomorrow as well, but I hope she'll be back at the coal face on Thursday. The doctor told us that once the rash has appeared she is no longer contagious and could go to school, but she feels quite rough, so I am not rushing her back.

The EFG went to the climbing wall at the local activity centre with the Guides last night - it was subsidised so it only cost £2.50 to us, which was excellent value for money. It wiped her out though and she didn't come to gymnastics tonight.

Hope you are all well!


Mrs. Mac said...

In the States we call that rash '5th Disease' .. and yes, once the rash appears she is no longer contagious. There is supposedly a risk if a pregnant woman gets exposed .. but with the 'slap face' symptom being the last and distinguishing 'mark' .. it's often hard to do. It's actually good that she got exposed now so she need not worry later in life when/if she starts a family. I hope your daughter is back to feeling well .. and soon.


The Squirrel Family said...

Poor thing, my son had this aged 5 when it was doing the rounds at the nursery. Hope she feels better soon.