Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Catching up again

Life is getting complicated but you seem to be having patience with me - thanks! There is just so much to do in real life that keeping up to date on here is less of a priority these days.

I'll just record the highlights of the past week or two:

The EFG has been offered places at all three of the Sixth Forms to which she applied. She now has to work to get the grades to be able to attend the one she really wants. That means I need to start the savings campaign for her train fare: £300 a month between now and September....and if she gets in, that will be for the train season ticket we will buy in September, and then we will put away £150 a month for the next year to buy the second season ticket the following autumn. I'm going to phone the bank and open a Season Ticket account, I think!

The YFG is working for a gym competition just after Easter, so she is training hard. She is also helping a volunteer train to become a coach, so attended a day at a gym near Norwich last Sunday, and will do so again this Sunday, and loved having access to better equipment than we have - a vaulting table, a sprung floor and foam pits! She came home with sore hands, and exhausted, but having really enjoyed herself....

The OH has got his spring burst of energy and is spending time outdoors in the good weather, returning to the fireside when the clouds come. His health is up and down, but generally stable.

And me, I am OK. I feel under pressure with everything that I have taken on, but determined to carry on with it all. Yesterday I blocked the day out in my diary and spent the day at home, ironing and pootling around the house doing things! There is a need for more days like that, but I will struggle to get one each week. Today brings gym this afternoon, tomorrow the after-school club and a meeting at school, Thursday has piano lesson and then a Governor training session, and Friday has chapel knitting and gym. Saturday holds gym and ballet, shopping and washing, and then we are back to Sunday. I have no service to prepare this week, but for Palm Sunday, I have to take an assessed service - I hadn't realised that one of my services has to be assessed each plan, but I am getting used to it.

And the eating round here? The EFG claims not to "understand" the plan and says she will eat what she is given. That to me means that she is taking no responsibility for herself, and adds to the strain. I suppose she can then say that if the weightloss is not there on Friday, she has eaten what I gave her and therefore it is not her fault. But there is more to it than that, and her drinking and activity levels are also relevant - she often doesn't drink enough through the day and has been advised to drink more. She stayed the same last week, and so I hope that there is a loss for her this week.

I am looking forward to our holiday in Bridlington - I have to make the balance payment this week, and so I am relieved that the savings have mounted up over the last few weeks so that I have accumulated the amount needed. The next focus will be for acquiring some spending money; I have been doing some ebaying to declutter some stuff from the house, so that will be ramped up in the next few weeks in the attempt to have a clean house before we go as well as some money in our pockets for some treats and days out! I have quite a stash of Tesco Clubcard vouchers so I plan to check out what we can do in the area with some of those....I'm sure there will be something.

Enough wittering for this morning - hope you all have a good day, and thanks for coming back again!


Rainbowchild said...

Things sound very hectic for you at the moment but lots to look forward to. Bridlington holds great memories for me as we went there each year for our family holiday when I was young. xx

Wannabe Sybil said...

Little bear really liked Sea World in Scarborough, which is expensive, so vouchers would be good (don't know if they apply). Also check out Flamingoland and York Dungeon that may use vouchers. Hugs! WS xxx