Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Keeping the balls in the air

Or the plates spinning, or any picture you want to paint to imagine the same thing.

I can't keep them all up at the same time, and when a new one needs to be kept up, one of the others comes crashing down. So the plates called School, Gymnastics, Church, Children, and Husband, and Finances are all spinning nicely. Unfortunately, the ones called Me and House crashed some time ago. If I try to put either of those two back up, others are going to come down.

Church is looking shaky, I have to admit, and it could be that one of the more stable ones will have to wobble a bit more in order to make Church spin a bit faster! Which one to wobble, though?

Finances can't wobble, as that affects everyone. If I let any wobble, someone gets let down. When Me and House wobble, fewer people suffer, so they are easier to let wobble.

BUT letting the plate called Me be one of the wobbly ones means that perhaps my ability to keep all the other plates up is compromised..........

This is a recurring theme here, and the answer is still the same - what do I do? Who do I let down? I wish I could just hire a cleaner twice a week! I have thought of a plan - wouldn't ever work but it is wishful thinking - most of what I do is voluntary work at school, church and gym, so if everyone did a few hours a week, those who don't want to do things that need qualifications (like gym) or require study (church) or taking serious amounts of responsibility (school), then people could sign up to do supportive things for those of us who do those things - they could help with housework or gardening!

I had a wonderful friend in Scotland who came and did my ironing every Friday morning who was a Godsend, and she did it for love, just because I did things for her, took her places and did things for others as well and that was her way of paying back. It felt a bit uncomfortable the first couple of times, but I soon realised that she wanted to contribute and it made her happy to be useful at her time of life.

So, I need to get off here and do something - clean up the breakfast debris, hang out the washing, hoover the sitting room, write a Building Report, call the contact at the church I am preaching at on least the weather is glorious again!


Varis Creations said...

ooh I know how you feel, if that's compensation. I'm ok if things are on an even keel all (ok most) of the plates keep spinning, but if something happens to upset things then everything collapses. This week I've had a drama between DD and what turns out to be a nearly 19 year old boyfriend to contend with ((pulls hair out!!))

Morgan said...

I'm just thankful we haven't had boyfriends on the scene yet! I've got all that to come, I'm sure...good luck!

Mac n' Janet said...

Maybe they all need to spin a bit slower, not quite wobbly, but slower. I'm always amazed at all you get done.