Saturday, 3 March 2012

Meals for the EFG

I will keep a note of the meals that the EFG eats this week, and then I can share and pass on ideas.

Tonight the rest of the family has had a mince mixture (like bolognaise for spag bol) with rice and broccoli, but she has had a sort of pancake made from 2 eggs, beaten up and then just poured into the flattest frying pan and allowed to cook through. I then put it onto a baking dish, put a couple of spoonfuls of mince onto one side of it and flipped the other side over it and sprinkled some grated cheese over it, popped it under the grill for a couple of minutes and hey presto - a savoury pancake which she had with some broccoli. She said it was nice!

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Karen said...

I have just been reading the back posts..WOW I'm so impressed, your daughter is doing amazingly well with her new regime and her weight loss is fantastic. Its brilliant that you are sharing her diet info and the meals you are making as it might be a great help to others. Everything sounds delicious.