Saturday, 24 March 2012

Loving the weather

The weather we are enjoying this weekend is great. Yesterday was glorious and we are promised the same over the weekend and into next week - yesterday was more like May than March, so I hope it lasts a while.

The garden is not even remotely ready for spring sowing, though - I am hoping to get out there and get the remaining three beds dug over, and the first three hoed so that broad beans and perhaps potatoes can go in very soon! The lack of water won't help....we are in a hosepipe ban area from the beginning of April. We are exempt from that, actually, because the FH has a disabled Blue Badge, but I don't intend to take advantage of that exemption - I do find watering cans concentrate the water where I want it far more accurately, and I kid myself that the exercise of lugging the cans is doing me some good. We are not ones for watering the lawn, either, so we don't even have a sprinkler!

This morning I am being grateful for my semi-tidy and clean sitting room - it is a joy to have a clear dining table at last! Again! It gets cluttered easily and I do have to work when it is clear to keep it so...

Hope you all have a great weekend and that you have some sunshine where you are too xx

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