Thursday, 19 May 2011

Chick flicks

Here's Leah with one of her chicks - the other one is around in there too. The blur in the photo is the wire of the run that they are in. They are all doing well.

These are the almost two-week old chicks which hatched in the incubator. Today was their first day outside - the sun was shining and I thought they could do with some fresh air and sunshine; they loved it!

They were a little timid when they first went outside but they soon got used to the grass and the colours of the outdoors.

When they were warm, they would sit in the shade but they had a grand time, fluttering their wings and exploring the space. They stayed outside until about 6pm, and now they are back in their box in the utility room for the night. They are done with the heat lamp now. They are very healthy-looking chicks, eating well and growing feathers fast!

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paul said...

love the chick pics :)