Saturday, 28 May 2011

Bats and buzzing

Tonight we have been really excited to see two bats flying around the front of the house for a good quarter of an hour! Neighbours elsewhere on the estate have reported seeing bats near their houses before, but we haven't been so lucky before tonight.

The buzzing - well, I concentrate mostly on growing vegetables, but with the longstanding bee crisis that this country and others are facing, I decided that I really ought to do more for the bees, and I bought some little flower plug plants to put in amongst the veg - marigolds and petunias. Not sure about the companionability of petunias, but I know marigolds are good for veg!

Yesterday morning's coffee session at the chapel raised a fab £200 for the funds, and I sold off some of my books - ones that were in good condition so that rather than donate them all to the charity shops, I offered them for sale - many had only been read a couple of times, so I was pleased to get a £1 each for them. I came home with some ice cream money for the holiday next week, and made a donation to the chapel from the takings as well, so we were all pleased. Another lady donated a load of plants for sale - which is where my marigolds and petunias came from.

I have been to the chook food shop to stock up for next week, whilst UJ is in charge, and I also nipped into the library and borrowed three books for the holiday too. I have a mountain of ironing to plough through tomorrow so that I can pack on Monday! I need to get the school uniforms washed and dried tomorrow as well as we won't have a lot of time when we get back to do them - and I must organise a service for next Sunday as well!

I'd better be off to bed - we have had visitors here tonight - two children whilst their parents went out for the evening, so the little girl has been on the computer with the YFG and the little boy has been watching a DVD of the Robin Hood series with Jonas Armstrong, which he has loved! They also played a few board games earlier on, and had some snacks so I think they wouldn't mind coming back another time! The EFG made some lemon buns tonight, too, so people had to have a wee taste of those too.

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Mrs. Mac said...

I'm a bit worried about a lack of bees this spring too. Those bats should eat lots of mosquitoes if there are any in your area. Enjoy!