Thursday, 5 May 2011

Catching up with myself

Just a quick one to say thanks for all your support. We successfully appointed a new Head last night so that is a big relief - although I am mentally exhausted after the whole process!
The chick count is now up to 12, although the photos are still on the phone. And the YFG had her first piano lesson with a proper piano teacher tonight, and she did really well and liked the lady, which is a bonus. That's all I can say tonight as all I want to do is fall into the bath and head for bed. Hopefully I will be able to fill in the gaps at the weekend!


saving for travel said...

Congrats on the Head appointment, chicks and YGD's piano lesson.

Good day all round!

Sleep well.

Sft x

Lesley said...

Well done! I hope you have a peaceful weekend with your family and chickens!