Wednesday, 11 May 2011

My day "off"

No meetings, no pick ups, no appointments, and I didn't have to be anywhere at any particular time - bliss!

OK so I did have to go out and do a few errands around and about the village, but they were happily done in my own time, and I had time to stop and chat with people, rather than rushing. So I have had a day at home, with the girls, pottering. They were both in too much pain from the dental work yesterday to go to school today, so I have had to dose them up with Nurofen and let them sleep some of the day away in an attempt to get through the pain. They were both up by lunchtime, and on softer foods for today, not that that has stopped them from eating!

I had the lettuces and seedlings watered early this morning before the sun got out too strongly, did a couple of loads of washing and had those hung out in the sunshine, tidied the kitchen and the lounge, and did some weeding tonight. I have also posted a dozen eggs to Somerset, so I hope they get there safe and sound, and, more to the point, I hope they hatch for the poor chap!

I am a little disappointed as my cousin has had to postpone our lunch on Sunday - she was cooking for all of us and UJ for Sunday lunch, but her father-in-law, who lives with them, is ill so she has had to let me know we can't go this weekend. Tis a shame, and I really hope he is feeling better soon. She has just launched a new business, so she is stressed already, so I am praying that it is nothing too serious for him, and that he will make a speedy recovery.

UJ was here for lunch with the FH today - he sat and snoozed much of the afternoon away but he did have half an hour in the garden with me later on, as we sat in the sun and chatted about the garden. He will be coming to look after our little estate here whilst we go away for 4 nights in half-term, so we were talking about the chooks and who's who, and what is going on in the veg beds. It was lovely to relax and chat. He has an appointment on Thursday to see an orthopaedic surgeon about his hips and shoulder, where he is getting a lot of pain. He had a hip replacement op in July of 1998, and now that hip is very painful again, and the other side is over-compensating and getting very sore as well, so he needs help. I hope he can be put on the waiting list for surgery soon.

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