Thursday, 12 May 2011

What a difference a week makes

This is the beginning of the hatch last week - they weren't all out of the incubator yet.
Very cute and fluffy.

And this is the gang a week later - the fluff is already being superseded with the beginnings of the feathers, and they are looking more grown up!

They are all well and healthy, and I am thrilled with the hatch.


twinsbg2 said...

Hi Morgan, thank you for the recipe for the Jamaican Ginger Cake I will try it this weekend and let you know, it sounds delicious. Your little chicks are adorable. I wish we could keep chickens here in Canada, but the winters are too cold to keep them outside. I remember going to Ireland as a child and we stayed at a farmhouse, every day we would go out to the sheds and pick up the newly laid eggs and have some for breakfast on toast with freshly made home churned butter and jam. Delicious. thanks again. MoiraC

Morgan said...

Hello Moira - great to have your comment and to know where you are in the world! Hope the cake works out for you at the weekend...

saving for travel said...

Congratulations on the chicks!

Sft x