Sunday, 22 May 2011

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That post way back when for Sausage plait is still my top ranking post, with so many hits on a daily basis compared to anything else I have written! So, guess what? I made sausage plait for tea photos though as you all know what it looks like now.

Today has been another Maggie day where I have been pleased with all that we have achieved. The morning service went very well which was a relief as I had had visions of it being a disaster! The other lady that I sometimes lead services with helped me today by taking on a part of the service that I usually do and that took a bit of the pressure off me, but then I did a different part for a change, so it all worked out well. I had a group of children reading the Three Little Pigs story about the houses made of straw, sticks and bricks, because the text for the day was from 1 Peter 2:2-10 where it says we are to be like living stones, and the whole service was about stones! So I drew a parallel with the house of bricks in the story, telling the children that the little pigs were living safely in the brick house as we can live safely and securely sheltered by our faith in Jesus which is represented by the bricks/stones in the Bible text. The house is solid and secure, just like our faith.

After church, I put my feet up for half an hour and had a cup of tea and a snack, before I started on the garden. It has been fine all day, and I hung washing out on the line, but it has been so windy here that I have really been thinking about my friends in Scotland (all of you - all over the place!) where much much stronger winds were forecast. I hope no one has any structural damage.

In the garden I finished weeding another raised bed, and then planted some cobnut squashes and the runner beans. These are a variety called Czar which I bought from the Real Seed catalogue, and they are growing into lovely strong plants. We have an old swing and we are using the frame to add stability to the bean poles as they have been blown over several times in past years. I am really hoping that they stay upright this year. I have also pricked out some Little Gem lettuce seedlings (must sow some more!) and potted up some free tomato plants which arrived this week. I think that they are called Tomazilla, not a variety I have heard of before, but free is always good so they were worth a go!

After tea, I had a bath and then enjoyed watching the last episode of Vera with the FH for the evening's entertainment. Have to admit that all the fresh air today has tired me out. Day at home tomorrow so more gardening on the cards - always lots to do in the garden...

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saving for travel said...

Sounds like a very satisfying day...

Regardless of whether a person agrees with Mrs Thatcher's politics 'she had energy'.

Enjoy a well earned rest.

Sft x