Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Another sunny day

It was another lovely spring day yesterday and I took full advantage of it. Three loads of washing billowed on the line in the breeze, I walked to school to fetch the YFG home at 3pm, and I made lemon madeira cakes with fresh duck eggs. Three parcels were posted off to various parts of the country to people who had successfully bid for Duplo bits on ebay, and one of the cakes was delivered to the elderly neighbour who gave me the duck eggs. The rich yellow yolks really enhanced the colour of the cake and made it appear even more lemony than it was!

The FGs went to band practice last night but the FH was not well enough to go so I took them and nipped off to Tesco to buy more baking sugar (caster, I mean) and have a browse for secret presents to stash away for their birthdays. I treated myself to a DVD of Love Actually for £3 as we had only got the video version - and our video player is no longer working.

Today I have woken up with a cold and a sore throat so I am drinking honey and hot lemon drinks and keeping warm. The weather promises to be good again today, so I think I may spend some time in the garden, although I have the heap of ironing to do and I need to visit a school in town today to sort some paperwork out for them. And we have gymnastics tonight - I'll need to take my honey and lemon juice along with me to keep my voice going through the evening, I think!

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