Monday, 9 March 2009

I'm back!

Yes, last week was busy, but we got through by working together. Briefly, Monday was spent in preparation, Tuesday was the first book fair, Wednesday was recover and regroup, Thursday was the second, and Friday the third. The Tuesday/Thursday ones were at the same school, so 150 children and their parents had quite a few hours to look at the books and make orders as I was there in the afternoon and for the Parents' Evening meetings but on Friday, at another school, 300 children had just an hour after school to drag their parents in to the book fair and make their orders - and so it was a frantic hour, with parents queuing up to pay! I took the FH along to help me on Friday, and my lovely neighbour looked after the girls.

The third school which I have been working with has done a Sponsored Read, so my involvement has been minimal so far, just dealing with paperwork and getting it all set up - the work will start next week when I have to count the money and sort out all the sponsor sheets!

We didn't get to gymnastics on Tuesday, but we made it on Friday and Saturday. On Wednesday evening there was a meeting in the village about trying to start up a Brownie group which we went to because the YFG was interested. She soon lost her interest when she saw that most of the other girls who had gone to find out more were all about 7. We'll see - it probably won't start until September when she'll have turned 10, and she'll be old enough to go the Guide group instead if she wants to. Thursday I attended a small meeting about starting a LETS group in the Fen area - Local Exchange Trading System for anyone who hasn't heard of it before - it's a slightly more sophisticated bartering scheme. We were members of one when we were in Fife and found it an excellent way to meet people and get things done.

On Sunday, we had a congregation-led Sunday service as there was no preacher available to come along and do the honours. The other family with children were responsible for the music and readings and we took care of the prayers - it worked well. We all sat in a circle and had a good time. The FH came along to support us as well, which was lovely. The circuit Superintendent will be in charge next week for Holy Communion so we'll be in safe hands!

Today, I have been dealing with the laundry which had built up, washing eggs, and doing more preparation for this week's work. I'm not sure how busy this week will be - I know I have to go out delivering all day on Thursday, but apart from that, I am taking my time recovering from last week. I know that I have a Governors' meeting and training night on Wednesday from 5.30pm and then there is another LETS meeting on Thursday but I may have to bow out of that as I won't be up to going out every night of the week, and the Gov meeting is more important this week.

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