Friday, 13 March 2009

I was back - then gone again!

This week has been nearly as hectic as last week, evidenced by my absence from here. I am getting the basic things done in my day, but the time has not been there for the extra, more fun things like this. The priorities have to be the day-to-day living tasks, like trying to keep the house running, feeding the family, etc.

I fell down this week on feeding the family - Tuesday night was gym and so the FH had to cook and then Wednesday, I had to be at a school meeting from 5.30 and just wasn't prepared, so the girls made themselves beans on toast, and made gingerbread biscuits for dessert. Although the FH and I were out all day yesterday, I got my brain in gear and took a lamb joint out of the freezer so I popped that in the oven at 3.30 and we all sat down to a lovely roast dinner at 5pm - veggies and everything. It was lovely. Tonight is gym again and the FH is on the cooking rota so he is making steak and kidney pie. I can't eat that so I'll be having some salmon with veggies when I get home.

We have realised (yes - we are a bit late) that the quail are not likely to lay eggs now, as we have had them six months and they are still not laying, so we think that we have been conned and they are probably all males. They are lovely, plump birds though, so I will be looking for some quail recipes soon!

Head over to Rhonda's blog at and read what she says about getting through the recession by going back to basics and really appreciating the Home-maker's role in all of this. She is so right, and I applaud her for bringing this to the forefront. More articles like this help us all.

Have to go now but I am hoping to have more time to come back at the weekend.


Fencreative said...

I love your posts and let me know when the quail is ready?

Morgan said...

Actually, I emailed the chap from whom we bought the quail, and he has replied saying that I should be patient! Apparently, his quail of the same age are not laying yet, either - but then, perhaps they are all males too?!?! I'll give them another month, I think, then it will well and truly be spring. If there aren't any eggs by then, we'll be having a dinner party for 11.