Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Tuesday comes around again

A lot of today was spent packing books for customers as the deliveries arrived from the book fairs. Each child's book had to be bagged up and their name and class written on each bag, so this took quite some time. The FH helped me, thank goodness. The local school in the village will get theirs tomorrow and the other school's will be dropped off on Thursday.

I did a little housework this morning too, and caught up with two of my neighbours, but I have to admit that a lot of the time was spent sipping hot lemon juice mixed with honey in a bid to shake off this cold before it really takes hold! I did also make a flying visit into the town to pick up some Sponsored Read forms from a primary school and bank the children's money which they had raised. After telephone negotiations with the Headmistress of the school, we have sorted them out to choose £800 worth of books, so they are well pleased as each class teacher in the school will get £100 to spend on books for their class.

The weather was disappointing today - I had been hoping for another bright and sunny day like yesterday, but instead we had a cloudy and overcast, chilly day. It was dry, so we have to be grateful for that, I suppose, but I missed the sunshine. Tomorrow, if there is some sun, I hope to be able to get out in to the garden and get the third raised bed dug over. The Head Coach at gym was telling me tonight about all the seeds which he has already sown on his allotment, so I am beginning to feel that I am getting behind!

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