Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Gold medal winner

Sorry to have been away again - practising and preparations for the gymnastics competition at the weekend took over.

The competition took place on Sunday in Peterborough. It was a very early start as we were there at 8.30am, and it was the morning after we changed the clocks forward so we got an hour's less sleep anyway. We did try to go to bed early but the YFG was just so excited that she couldn't sleep, and declared on Sunday that she hadn't "had a wink of sleep all night" (but she had!). She leapt up and was ready and raring to go!

It was an Eastern Region competition at Level 1 and 2, and Level 2 Open. Last year the YFG was just beginning to compete so was at Level 1, but having won three medals, had to move up to Level 2 this year. This is a bit more demanding, and she coped well. The club took along 19 gymnasts, although there were three sessions across the day so they weren't all there at the same time.

When the medals were announced for the YFG's age group, we were on tenterhooks. She had vaulted well, and the choreographer had been pleased with her bench and floor routines, and then the HC thought her bars had gone well, so we were hopeful of something. Her face said it all though, as medal after medal was announced and other girls' names called out to receive them. Then, finally, the very last medal to be announced, Gold medal on the Floor - and it was hers!!!!! The relief on her face was clear - and I was so proud, and relieved too that she had won something.

The club had a good haul of medals: we took 19 gymnasts, as I have said, and we brought home 34 medals; 11 Gold, 10 Silver and 13 Bronze. 17 of the children won at least one medal, and several won a collection - the two boys I had been coaching in particular collected 7 - and that included 3 Golds! The club also took the hat-trick of medals in two age groups for the floor routine, so we are very pleased with that result.

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