Saturday, 14 March 2009

Gone but not forgotten

Today would have been Charlotte's birthday - Charlotte was a lovely girl whom I had the privilege and honour of coaching at gymnastics. She died last February in an accident on a Fen road which ended in one of the local "drains" - one of the drainage channels used to keep the Fens dry.

Here is a link to her memorial site:
if you would like to read about her. I can wholeheartedly endorse everything that is said about her - she was a very special young lady who is missed at gymnastics. She had been working for a competition with the other girls, and the weekend after her funeral, which I attended with my daughter and the Head Coach, we took the other girls to the competition. The organisers kindly held a minute's silence for her, and presented us with an engraved medal, which I took to her parents soon afterwards. Her parents remain in our thoughts and prayers.


Colleen said...

Madeleine danced with Charlotte. I didn't know that you knew her, too.

Such a sad story. I read about it months after it happened, whilst catching up on news from our old home. I never liked driving beside those drainage channels, particularly in the dark or when the roads were wet.

Morgan said...

Charlotte was involved in so many things that she must have touched a lot of people's lives in a big way. She came to gym only once a week but her dance background helped her - she placed in a competition the year before in the floor routine because of her excellent posture and ability to move elegantly as well as do the basic gymnastic moves.