Saturday, 31 January 2009

Chickens on the run!

The chickens escaped from their run today as the door latch became unfastened and they made a break for freedom. They looked so lovely striding about in the grass together that I thought I would take some photos. This one shows the Silver Sussex cockerel with a couple of the hens.

This is them attacking the broad beans, which is the point at which we had to chase them back into their run!

The larger white bird in the middle of this is the turkey who is living happily amongst the hens.

Here is the cockerel again with more of the hens - 10 of them laid eggs today so I am very pleased with them! To the left of the cock is an Orpington hen and to the right, a Buff Sussex. The white ones are the Sasso breed that we originally bought for meat and then decided to keep a few (well, five!) of the hens for egg laying.

The quail haven't caught on to the egg laying idea yet, but I am living in hope. Snow is forecast here for tomorrow and Monday so it was great for the chickens to enjoy the sunshine whilst they could as I don't think that they will enjoy the snow as much!

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