Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Glorious sunshine today!

The sunshine is the highlight of my day today as I sit here at the window looking out at washing blowing on the line and hens pecking around in the garden! It is not even that cold any more although there was a frost this morning and some lovely ice patterns had to be cleared off the windscreen of the car before we went out at 9am.

Yesterday was another full day of housework and then gymnastics in the town. The FH had cooked a lovely meal for when we got home last night at 8.15pm - Tesco Value Fresh Salmon pieces - they are "Value" so they are odd sized bits, but they were very tasty as well as being a good price. He had also cooked potatoes, carrots, broccoli and green beans, so it was a hearty meal - but I was starving so I soon ate mine! The FGs indulged in lemon curd tarts for their pudding and then they were soon herded up the stairs to begin their preparations for bed, although that seemed to take for ever! There was a lot of "I must just do......." before bedtime was achieved last night.

No spending yesterday at all, and I was pleased with the leftover lunch that I made. We had had lamb shanks in the slow-cooker on Monday and there was a lot of the gravy left over, which had carrots, parsnips and onions in it, so I blitzed that all up yesterday with a stick blender and then boiled it for about 20 minutes and it made a really lovely broth type of soup for our lunch. Not a scrap of that meal was wasted and it made the cost of the two lamb shanks even better value for money. Comparing the amount of meat on the lamb shanks to that on a piece of "cheap" lamb shoulder, I always buy the lamb shanks now as there is a lot less fat and more usable meat. Plus the house smells gorgeous all day as they cook in the slow-cooker, so that is an added bonus. One of my neighbours has commented that my house always smells lovely, and welcoming as it often smells of homebaking or the tea cooking!

Good news - the YFG found the camera for me last night so I can get the battery charged up and then photographs can return to the blog - that will be good!

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