Saturday, 17 January 2009

Snuffling through the day...

When I woke up this morning, I felt awful - my throat felt like razorblades and I had a blocked nose and a headache! Not a recipe for success, I have to say. I struggled through, got the YFG up and we went to gymnastics. I did take my pot of honey and a bottle of lemon juice along so that when the other coaches had a cuppa, I could have honey and hot lemon as I am finding that it really takes the edge off the sore throat, and the steam helps the blocked nose too, so I can thoroughly recommend it as a home remedy. I had several cups through the morning to keep me going.

After gymnastics, we had a quick trip to Tesco for fruit, veg, cheese and ham, and another jar of honey! I am using a lot this week. I also had to buy a couple of pairs of tights for the YFG so that she can wear her skirt to school - she has been wearing trousers most days but would like to wear her skirts now and then. I promised to buy her tights as along as she commits to wearing them with the skirts at least a couple of times a week.

This afternoon has passed in a bit of a blur as I feel that I am half asleep - my head feels fuddled with the cold. I did some washing and hung it, had to nip round for a quick chat with a neighbour, cooked the pizza for tea, helped the YFG with her homework, and here I am now. I feel that I will be heading for bed pretty soon, in the hope that a good night's sleep will do wonders. My uncle is coming to lunch tomorrow, so I will send the FH to church with the girls so that I can have a little lie-in and then prepare the lunch. Hope you are all feeling better than this!

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