Monday, 12 January 2009

Rather a manic Monday!

I started the day with a list, so it was good preparation that has enabled me to get so much done today, but the flipside is that I had to have a quick doze on the sofa at 6.45pm for about 15 minutes.

I've done some boring paperwork stuff like filling in forms and placing orders for books this morning, and I got all my helpful machines on the go early - the dishwasher, the washing machine, and two breadmakers - one was doing French stick dough and the other did normal white sliced bread dough, but all the bread was actually baked in the oven. Lamb shanks, carrots, onion and parsnips were in the slow-cooker by 8am and were beautifully tender by the time we ate at 5pm. I used up the pastry I made last night, as well as the last half a jar of mincemeat, and made mince pies, coconut tarts, jam tarts and lemon curd ones too! I also made some chocolate brownies for the hairdressing friend, who was pleasantly surprised! The car got booked in for its MOT and all the ironing was put away.

The piano tuner has been this afternoon to tinker with the piano - he says that it is still in excellent condition, and he should know as he is the only person who has tuned it at various intervals over the past 32 years, and seen it through several house moves. Its most recent move was to us in December 07, but it is a lovely piano. My dad bought it second hand for £400 when I was just 4 years old. Now the EFG is having lessons at school and practising on it.

The FH and girls have been to town this evening, hence the early meal tonight. Band practice ran from 5.45 - 7 for all of them and then the EFG was asked to start working with the main band for an hour from 7-8, so they were later home than they used to be. I had a bit of relaxation time whilst they were out, including a long soak in the bath.

The weather has gone from freezing cold and dry to milder and wetter almost overnight! I think I preferred the cold to the mud which has taken over the back garden now. Tomorrow is forecast to be mild, windy and mostly dry, so I may take a chance and hang out some washing. We have an oil delivery scheduled as well, so we have to stay at home for that.

The installation of the stove in the lounge has also progressed today - the FH has laid the concrete slab on which it will stand but that involved bringing the wheelbarrow in through the front door and across the carpet so I had to put down mats to protect what I could. It was a bit of a messy job, but I am hoping to be able to clear up the room tomorrow when the concrete has dried. Unfortunately I have mislaid the camera so I can't take photos, and I am so cross with myself as I had it here yesterday and there were so many things that I wanted to take pictures of today. Hope I can find it soon.

The only spends of the day have been the subs for the band tonight, and a couple of packets of sweets that I bought this afternoon - not strictly necessary but with all my food restrictions, they help to tide me over sometimes. That amounts to £6.07 all together. I paid the piano tuner in cash but I am not including that in the challenge as it is not a discretionary item and it only happens once a year. This week is looking OK financially as we have plenty of food in the freezer, and in the cupboards; I will have to fill my car up with diesel sometime this week as it is getting low so that will either be tomorrow or Friday when we go into town to gymnastics.

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