Thursday, 22 January 2009

Restful day

I am getting over my cold from which I was suffering last weekend, but I appreciated having quite a restful day today. Instead of rushing around, I pottered and purposely didn't make myself a list of things to do. Lists are brilliant but sometimes they nag at you, and I wasn't in the mood for nagging today! I watched some TV, loaded up the washing machine and hung up the laundry when it was done, prepared a lovely chicken casserole for the evening meal, and phoned my aunt for a chat. The dinner was eaten early tonight at about 5pm, and everyone has now had a bath and is getting ready for bed - the FH and girls are watching TV until about 9pm and then I think that we will all be off to bed! Hopefully my get-up-and-go will return tomorrow!

Today has also been a "No Spend Day", which is good; the hens have laid eggs again, and I have organised the sale of a dozen and a half to school staff which I will deliver in the morning. The treadmill has been in action - I have done 15 minutes at 3 mph, whereas the FH managed 2 minutes (compared to yesterday's one!) at 1.5 mph - he complains about his legs aching very quickly...

The wet and windy weather which was forecast has been and gone, and we are now in a window of drier weather until the next low pressure system moves in tomorrow and over the weekend. The greenhouse is OK so far, but I am keeping my fingers crossed. The poor chickens need some more straw in their yard, so I will have to get them some at the weekend, as they are getting rather muddy.

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