Thursday, 8 January 2009

Photos of larder areas

These are the photos with which I was going to illustrate yesterday's post, but Blogger was not happy with photos then, so here they are today:

This is a small shelved area in our utility room where I keep tinned goods like beans, fruit, fish, tomatoes, etc - and there is a stray pudding left from Christmas there too at the moment.

This is also in the utillity and is where I keep the flour that is in storage - it is cooler in the utillity room than in the main house, and so the flour keeps well there. You can see that I have stocked up and have about 5 bags of bread flour there in pink, as well as the usual plain and SR flours. I buy the "Value" range and have had no problems with the baking, so I don't see the need to pay so much more for premium brands.

These are the lower shelves of a tall pantry cupboard in the kitchen. The higher of the two shelves is where we are keeping the jar of rice as well as various cereals, oats and teabags. The lower shelf has vinegar, oils, more cereals, and tucked away at the back is my secret baking stash of things like chocolate chips that it suits me to have the kids think I have run out of occasionally as otherwise they would be making choc chip cakes and cookies daily!!

This is another section of the the same cupboard where we have the jars and bottles which are open and in use at the top, and the bottom is a storage shelf - there's all sorts in there - I have it all on an inventory so I know what is hiding in the back!

Trust Blogger! This photo at the bottom is actually the top two shelves of that cupboard - more stuff in storage - extras of jam, lemon curd, sauces, icing sugar, cornflour - it's all in there!

And there is more but Blogger seems to only let me do 5 photos per post, so that'll do for today. You can see from these pictures that we have Loads of food in the house, so perhaps you can understand the motivation now for the "use-it-up" idea.
I have no plans for spending any money on groceries or anything else today, but the exciting news is that the FH has gone off towards Swaffham in Norfolk to pick up the multifuel stove that we will be installing. The brand that we want are rare as hen's teeth just now and there is a 10 week wait if your agent has to put one on order for you - people are waking up to wood heat here now! Anyway, we found an agent who carries quite a lot of stock and has one there - so we checked the prices online and found that her price is the best around, so he has hot-footed it over there this afternoon to fetch it. The installation engineer has been here this morning and had a look, given us a price, and we have agreed to let him know when we have a stove for him to install - we didn't think that it would be so soon! We have loads of wood ready to get started, so we are very keen, especially in the cold weather that we are having, to get this up and running.
I couldn't go with him as I have to pick up the YFG from school at 3pm and she has a friend coming home to play and stay for tea too, so she will be happier tonight - she felt bored last night!


Toria said...

Hi Morgan, I found your blog via Down to Earth & have been enjoying reading your recent posts. If you want more than 5 pictures in a post, upload the first 5, then click on the picture icon again & choose your next lot. I don't know if there's an upper limit, my max has been 10.

Morgan said...

Thanks for letting me know - it seems obvious when you think about it, but then I hadn't thought!!

Glad you like the blog!