Sunday, 11 January 2009

Busy day but happy!

The YFG had a friend to stay the night last night, and little M's mother is a hairdresser by trade, so she kindly cut us girls' hair last night when she dropped her daughter off for the sleepover. None of us had anything major done, but it was good to get it all tidied up as we had overgrown fringes all round! She doesn't charge us, and she does a great job, so last time she did it, I gave her a box of chocolates, but I don't have any in the house this time and in the spirit of my "non-spending" month, I intend to bake her a cake tomorrow and give it to her when I meet her at school at 3pm.

I am so excited as this blog got a mention on Rhonda Jean's blog at as she has a fab idea of a "kitchen table" scheme. She will post about once a month on a particular topic and bloggers around the world will contribute what they know about the topic. Her first kitchen table post last Thursday was about keeping chickens, so I provided a link to an August 08 post about our history of chicken-keeping, and she has included it in her posting. I read her blog every day and I learn so much from her, although she is in Australia and her seasons are different from ours, as well as her climate so she grows bananas and pineapple in her garden - I wish we could do that!!

We have had an important service at church this morning - the annual Methodist Covenant Service in which we re-dedicate our lives to God in the publicity of the service, saying a special prayer, and holding Holy Communion as well. A lot of Methodists hold this service at this time of year as it marks a new beginning and a new start for the year ahead. The prayer is a solemn one, and it takes some thinking about.

Grandad and MB have also been here for lunch and tea today, and MB has patiently been playing board games with the girls and their little friend for a good chunk of the afternoon. Now we are back in to Sunday night mode, so the girls have sorted school bags out for the morning, I have started to get the packed lunches ready, and washed the girls' hair for them, and now they are watching some TV before bed, whilst I must get the uniforms ironed! We have had a lovely day, and hope that all our friends have had a blessed day as well.

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