Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Wet and windy weather warning

Sorry that I haven't been here this week much.

Monday was supposed to have been "Blue Monday", the most depressing day of the year, according to the BBC Breakfast team. I can't say that I agreed - why should one day in the year be more depressing? Perhaps some people are experiencing angst over the post-Christmas credit card bill? January is not a bad month, although I hear some people moaning about it, but it is like all things, the more you moan about something, the worse it gets. Look forward to the spring, get the gardening books out and make plans for planting, find some leaner recipes to try after the rich food of Christmas and you won't have time to get depressed.

Just have to share a quote I saw somewhere yesterday, but unfortunately I can't remember the exact words, nor to whom it was attributed but it is too good not to share. The gist of it is that we in the developed world have nothing to complain about, because we have all won the lottery in life just by being born in a developed nation. That is so true, and I think I should remember to be grateful more often.

Big news - the hens laid 7 eggs between them yesterday so production is beginning to step up. Only three have appeared today, but I guess that they won't crank them out regularly just yet when they are only beginning to lay. It is exciting though! The other news is that the treadmill I ordered on New Year's Day has arrived. The box is large enough to launch as a small boat, and it weighed in at nearly 9 stone in the packaging, so it is a heavyweight and won't get moved around the house now that it is in position. We have set it up and all of us have had a quick go. The FH is going to have to build his stamina up over time as he was out of breath after only a minute at the slowest speed, whereas the YFG has been jogging!

Forecasters are warning of very heavy rain between now and the weekend coupled with gales, which may bring trouble! I hate rain as it makes the garden into mud, and the wind might damage my greenhouse so I am a little worried abut this forecast and hoping to get through to the weekend unscathed.

The budget is holding up nicely - we are at the 21st today so there are just 10 possible spending days left in the month, and we have spent just £59.84 on replacing groceries and buying fruit and vegetables. I have successfully not spent anything since doing the shopping on Saturday, and I am planning ahead for this Saturday so that I buy only what is needed and nothing more. The stocks in the freezer and pantry are steadily decreasing but there are no huge gaps appearing yet. The meat in the freezer is getting to the interesting stage - I can't do the meal plans without first checking what is actually out there whereas normally I would know that I could plan something from our regular repertoire of meals and be reasonably certain that the meat was available. Makes life more of a challenge! The menu for this week and next is in the previous post's photograph of the chalkboard. We are sticking to it, as it makes life so much easier to have it all planned out.

I have had two days of paperwork and planning, interspersed with bread making, gymnastics, helping with homework, ironing and laundry. The FH is making progress with the multifuel stove, and I will take a picture of that ASAP as it is beginning to look right. The external pipework for the metal chimney has been ordered today and should be here in two weeks' time as there is a backlog of orders at the suppliers due to increased demand. Obviously we are in tune with a lot of other people - that makes a change!!

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