Monday, 14 December 2015

The shame!

Having studied it for A levels all those years ago, and written some rather good essays on it [well, they got As!], the shame of hearing the YFG say at dinner tonight, "King Lear? Who wrote that?" The EF girls and I fell about laughing and then the darling girl recovered herself and enquired, "What? Was it, like, Shakespeare then?" It is an A level text once more this year, and I have lent my battered and annotated copy to the Danish girl, who is also going to read my essays for some light relief, so that she is ready to attack it with gusto in January. Her being Danish and all, it is a shame it is not Hamlet, but you can't have everything!

Being spiritually prepared for Christmas is quite different from being practically ready......I've been to carol services, advent bible studies, songs of praise for Christmas, band concerts, etc, but I still haven't got all the gifts sorted out, and the days are indeed hastening on.  In a good way, I am excited because that means the EFG will soon be home - the exams are over as of this afternoon!  On the other hand, there is no sign of the washing machine being repaired before the 23rd, so I am going to beg the use of a neighbour's up the road to do a dark load tomorrow.

One success to report - we were able to buy the Ravensburger Christmas puzzle [limited edition for 2015] in Tesco at the weekend. I haven't ever seen it in there before, and I was pleased to be able to pick it up alongside the few bits of shopping we had popped in to get. Compared to Amazon, it was only £9.50 to their £12.99 so a few pennies left in my purse from that.

The best thing, from a very practical point of view, is that if I don't get Christmas all ready on time this year, I can always try again next year!

[And one last question - did one of my lovely readers send me a piece called The Angels' Rest Room? I've used it twice this year already and it is getting rave reviews - people love it!  But I can't remember where it came from - I'm sorry - so if it was you, please would you comment and let me know?]


Gary said...

You've made me think about being spiritually prepared for Christmas - I need to do more to make sue I'm prepared.

I think that the "angels rest room" was from last years Pause In Advent - can't remember who wrote it, but I liked it!

Angela said...

I cant find my list of Pause In Advent contributors. Let me know if you track down the source- and please share the story again!

Kezzie said...

I remember the Angel's rest room- er was it Betty?????