Friday, 11 December 2015

Hanging in here

Quick post to say Hello - we are still here but getting a bit overwhelmed with all the Christmassy things which are popping up in the circuit as well as some sadness: one of my churches has four funerals planned within a three week period, and my work involves supporting the ministers and churches in these too.

We've also got Christmas music events for the violinist, which is involving some taxi-driving duties for me, and then there was a hospital appointment for the YFG yesterday with the ongoing problem she has with her wrist - we're now waiting for an ultrasound appointment to make a decision about an operation next year...

I made time for a quick hair cut yesterday and regretted it when I got home - I need to find another hairdresser in 2016.  I now have to look as I do for about three weeks until it grows again, and I am not that happy with it.

All the television news about the flooding in Cumbria puts our wee problems in the shade, and it is heartwarming to see the way that the communities there have pulled together and helped one another. A miracle cow that floated 18 miles downriver, shops cleaned and opened up again in just a few days, the community fund which has raised over a million pounds since last weekend, radio broadcasters doing extended programming in order to keep folk company in the dark night hours.

I have also made my annual donation to the Salvation Army in memory of my mum.  I'm sure that the SA has also been busy in the Lakes helping folk and I continue to support their work when I can.

And I made a cake last night - first one in weeks!


Sandra Ann said...

Hugs about the haircut :-( your days sound chaotically busy!

Parts of our city were under water and the main substation flooded on Saturday evening so we were without power from then until Tuesday morning. We have been running on a back up generator since then and finally we were connected to the main grid, half an hour ago :-)

Our local radio station did an amazing job keeping us well informed and some of the presenters worked in excess of twenty hours straight due to flooding in the studios and being stranded!

The met office had issued an another yellow alert but recent news indicates that it will pass us by, thank God!

San xx

magsmcc said...

Hairdressers way more stressful than dentists! Bravo on the cake. Make more. The world is dark.

Bless said...

Hope things will be a little less busy for you in the days to come. Sorry to hear about the bad hair cut. It's been exactly 10 days since my 1st chemo session; I'm expecting my hair to start falling off any day now.