Thursday, 17 December 2015

Mystery parcels

When I came home from work this lunchtime, a courier delivery van was in the street ahead of me, and then it reversed onto my driveway...couldn't think of anything I had ordered so really expected the Danish girl's name to be on the parcel as her relatives have been sending her lots of parcels!

But no!  Had my name on it....the mystery deepened.  It was an interesting parcel with a label that didn't give anything away, so I rushed around and popped the frozen fish away before I grabbed a pair of scissors and attacked the straps around the parcel.

It was a sweet little hamper for Christmas from EF, the organisation through which I am hosting the girls.  Two mini bottles of wine, some Father Christmas chocs to hang on the tree, some Walkers shortbread, a mini Christmas pud, some tiny jars of jam.....but the best bit was a Christmas tree bauble in white ceramic. It has been individually made to reflect our family and students for it has their national flags on it side by side under the Union Jack. What a thoughtful memento of our year together.

And that was the mystery solved.

There will be a couple of other parcels turning up in the next few days as I struggle to complete the shopping for the girls!  I made fudge this afternoon and this evening we have sat and made 28 little trays from card, lined them with tissue paper, popped 4 pieces of fudge in each, clingwrapped them and added a bow of ribbon. Hey presto - a present for each teacher and teaching assistant in the school, to be delivered in the morning.  I have shared the fudge recipe before and it still works!


Angela said...

A richly deserved gift for you - you have been so generous and openhearted, and I know the girls have felt truly welcomed. The bauble will be a cherished decoration to hang every year and bring back memories to make you smile! blessings xx

SusanM said...

What a lovely surprise, enjoy it. Are the girls staying with you for Christmas? It will be interesting to compare the different traditions x

Sandra Ann said...

A well deserved treat I say :-). Your days despite being so busy truly resonate with Christmas cheer. I don't quite know why but I dread Christmas which is odd as I am so grateful for Jesus coming to earth. Everyone seems to be full of joy and I don't even want to put the cards or tree up :-(.

Kezzie said...

I absolutely love it when kids make homemade gifts for us teachers- I never expect gifts and I feel embarassed when kids get them but homemade things are wonderful! One child made toffee apples for all her teachers and TAs and then they made a huge tray of aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamazing blackforest gateaux for all staff to share and it was delicious!!
P.S. I'm following you so hopefully you are back to the same number now!x