Tuesday, 8 December 2015


It seems weird to think that the building I spent a scant half hour in last night was designed by a King almost 600 years ago - he did a good job as it is an amazing place!  I was less pleased with the almost four hours it took us to get there and back in order to be there just after the rush hour - and to find the door locked against us when we arrived....

King's College Chapel, Cambridge
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(image from en.wikipedia.org)

Anyway, the YFG has now had the privilege of standing at the wonderful lectern in the choir area, and rehearsing her reading by candlelight, in her position as a reserve reader for the schools' carol service this morning.  She was a bit quiet and a bit quick in her reading, and the chaplain instructed her as to how he wanted it read. It is a difficult reading, from 1 John, full of "knoweth" and "loveth" and words which make one struggle to know where to place the emphasis.  The chap who should be doing the reading was there last night, and I have hopes that he has turned up this morning so that she doesn't actually have to do it, so that she might get an easier reading when she does actually stand up there and do it for real next year!

It is a fantastic place, very overwhelming in size and majestical architecture, as you might imagine. The details are astounding, and the sheer scale of the building and craftsmanship just defy description.  I'm just glad that I don't have to preach in anywhere quite on this scale!

The chaplain was doing some name dropping as he was talking last night, saying that his friend, an actress, had been in to do some coaching with the readers who are reading at the recorded BBC services.  Only Rosamund Pike.  The YFG was a bit disappointed that she wasn't there last night to offer a few pointers!


Angela said...

Back in my youth, I had a boyfriend who had been an organ scholar at Kings - he took me to see the organ loft, and I depressed Middle C on the keyboard. [I did not attempt to play any more notes, that would have depressed everyone] It is a fantastic place! I love listening to the 9 Lessons & Carols Service each year

Sandra Ann said...

Bless her she did well even standing in front of the lectern! Glad to read that your appraisal went well :-)

San x