Tuesday, 29 December 2015

And that was Christmas.....

It's been unseasonably mild, and this front window has been open on more than one occasion!  The African violets which live there seem to thrive on the northern light, and don't mind the odd blast of fresh air. The cactus arrangement was a cheery Christmas present, if a slightly unusual one - but I hadn't already got any prickly cacti in my collection of plants, so it is a welcome addition.

This big [for us - there are bigger ones out there, I know] Christmas tree was pictured with a pair of shoes, as that reminds me that the EFG is home!  There are always random pairs of shoes lying around when she is here, and so I included them in the shot because I am glad that she's here!

The Sainsbury's bright orange bag holds the violinist's gifts from us as she has gone home to Austria for Neujahrekonzerte here and there. She is playing with a trio and a quartet, and a chamber orchestra, I believe - she's a busy girl.  I doubt she is getting as much sleep as the rest of us have been enjoying this past week - long lie-ins have been the order of the day here, but we must start getting back to normal hours or next week's return to work and school is going to come hard!

Today the EFG has headed off on the train to do a volunteering session at the Food bank, and the YFG is coming to hold my hand at the dentist this afternoon.  The Danish lass is off out for a walk in the sunshine with her camera later to make the most of the good weather we are getting today.

Christmas has been quiet, but enjoyable.  We had relatives here on Boxing Day as usual, and spent much of Christmas Day evening watching the specials on the tv - Call the Midwife and Downton Abbey in particular went down very well, although I wasn't so keen on Doctor Who.... We have Sherlock to look forward to at New Year, which has been eagerly awaited by all the family.

I hope you have all had a good holiday, and enjoy a peaceful New Year!  See you again soon xx


veeknits19 said...

So glad you had a good Christmas. Hope all goes well at the dentist, I'm sure it will. Lovely to see your Christmas photos, enjoy the break while it lasts, Vee x

Sue in Suffolk said...

I'm eagerly awaiting Sherlock too - as long as it's not too scarey . The first 4 episodes of Dickensian were good - well I enjoyed them because I like historical crime fiction.