Thursday, 3 December 2015


Thankful that the appraisal meeting went well yesterday - I know that there were a few prayers helping me out and I am grateful.

Thankful for some good times with the EFG home this week - some laughs and a lot of love - so good to have her home for a sneaky week away from uni. She has been working hard on revision though. She's off back in the morning for the last two weeks of term - so looking forward to 20th December!

Thankful for some gorgeous blue skies yesterday.

Thankful for UJ and my neighbour J who helped me with the drains yesterday - you just don't need to know any more than that!

Thankful for a good evening with the FH's son and his partner on Monday - good to catch up on some of their news over dinner together and then they took the girls to the cinema to see "The Lady in the Van".  Interesting reviews when they got home.......

Thankful for the £10 off voucher in the paper at the weekend, from Lidl.  Consequently one "free" turkey crown purchased for Christmas dinner, and the pud also found its way into the trolley. Dinner almost sorted!

Thankful for your patience whilst I am having a busy few days.........


Bless said...

What a lovely list of things for which to be thankful! I am thankful that you have had a good week and my first chemo therapy session is behind me and I've had very minimal side effects thus far! Hope you have a lovely week ahead.

Morgan said...

Bless - good to hear from you and glad that the first chemo session is over. Have been thinking of you. Keep us up to date. Thanks for dropping in, as always xx