Thursday, 27 August 2015

Been a bit busy...again!

This feels like the last week of summer as we head back to school next week - that always seems to mark the beginning of autumn for me, whether it really is or not!  It is the last week where we are just the three of us, and then the dynamics are going to change again with the addition of the EF girls and the loss of the EFG back to Aberdeen at the end of next week.  It all feels like a bit of a whirlpool at the moment!

Monday was the trip to Thetford, and then I worked most of Tuesday on the phone whilst the EFG went for her last food bank volunteering session and the YFG was painting, and then we went out when the EFG got home. 

We had to go to see my dad and MB - she has finally got the cast off her arm and the boot off her leg, so she is happier, although there is restricted movement in her arm and it is very swollen still. We spent about 90 minutes there, and then moved on to UJ's house: he is on holiday this week and my sister and I arranged to do his watering in his greenhouse between us. Tuesday was my turn.  The girls fell in love with a beautiful tortoiseshell cat which was having a snooze in the greenhouse when we got there and apparently lives a few doors down the road - there was talk of cat-napping which I had to put a stop to!!  I picked some Victoria plums off his three big old trees which are laden with plums this year - but no adventures with a ladder this time after I nearly fell off last year.

After that, we continued our circuitous route and called in on step-son and his partner. He is glad to be home from prison but tethered to the house between 7pm and 7am by the tag on his leg - it did mean though that we could turn up there at 7.10pm and be sure that he would be in! I took him some tomatoes and runner beans and a courgette from our garden as well as a bowl of UJ's plums. He was grateful and loves fresh food like that - he does all the cooking!  We stayed there for about an hour and finally got home here at about 8.40pm. It was quite a trip but we got it all done.

Yesterday I had a phone marathon session whilst the girls went off late in the morning. They had a bit of shopping to do, and they wanted to have a recce of John Lewis, where the YFG has a job interview this afternoon - they had to find the partners' entrance where she is to report, and also to check out the cafeteria, which is where the job is located. After a slice of carrot and pecan cake there, they were home just after 5pm.

Any spare moments I have had this week have been spent knitting bunting for the EFG's room at uni as she decided she wanted some to put up there. I have so far "bunted" four pieces for her, and think I might manage a couple more before she goes back - one flew off the needles last night whilst I was watching the second of the "Britain's Secret Spending" programmes.  It was poignant that the very rich chap Anne Robinson interviewed often feels very sad, and has problems that money just can't solve.  I just cannot imagine having £90m to spend on a home!

Today I have the final couple of hours work for the week to do on the phone, and some stuff to do in the EF girls' room [I think photos will be in order when it is done!] but we have to do some shopping tomorrow as we need lampshades for the donated bedside lights that we were given: unfortunately they came from a smokers' home and the lampshades were smelly, but the bases are fine as they are ceramic.  

All afternoon I shall be keeping my fingers crossed for the YFG at her interview!


Frugally challenged said...

Ooh, yes, best wishes for YFG! When does your new job start? And even more important when will you be ending the phone job - it sounds a bit soul destroying.

Angela said...

ooops. I misread that - I thought they ate a slice of carrot, and then some pecan cake! I watched ann robinson too. I am still thinking over some of the things she said. I picked up 2 very good, and inexpensive lampshades in Wilko for the shadeless bedside lights here.
Hoping interview goes well

Morgan said...

@FC - New job starts on Tuesday with lunch at the Superintendent's house! Phone job has been reduced at my instigation from 15 hours to 10, and this is the end of the second week of that - 10 hours are much less onerous than 15 were! I shall not hesitate to resign completely if I find church job + lay preaching + EF girls all combines with housework/garden and of course my own girls to be too much!! Gymnastics has already pretty much been given the heave-ho.....

@Ang - I have JUST rung someone from Ferndown about their SEAT car - they didn't answer though, lol! I am too mulling over the programme - it seems to pack an awful lot into the hour, and there is a lot to consider when reflecting on it all. Thanks for the tip about Wilko - if I can't get any more locally, I know where there is a Wilko! Will let you know about the interview - I want her to have the experience of the interview more than I am concerned about her actually getting a job there, if you see what I mean - it will be her first and is such a valuable experience.