Thursday, 13 August 2015


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Today the YFG turns 16!  It is hard to believe that my "baby" is that old, but she is, and she has grown up into a lovely young lady of whom I am very proud!

She's still snoozing as I am typing, but there are breakfast pancakes on the menu and then we are off to see my dad for lunch.  

Life is busy and I am enjoying my week off work - we are getting so much done!  The YFG painted the bathroom yesterday when we returned  home from the dentist [Sorry, Sue in Suffolk!].

My furniture renovations continue, and I also scrubbed the kitchen floor as I have not scrubbed it for a long time - it is sparkling this morning!


Angela said...

Do you feel like coming down to Dorset and cleaning mine for me?

Frugally challenged said...

Happy birthday YFG!

Morgan said...

@FC - thank you - I will tell her x

@Ang - if I can have a walk on the beach too, I'll pack my bag!

Allegra said...

A very happy birthday to YFG x

veeknits19 said...

Happy birthday YFG, Vee x

Colleen said...

That means 11 years since I've been to your home, because I was there for a joint birthday celebration. Too long!!!