Monday, 24 August 2015

Bit of a blur

The girls had an amazing time on Friday in London, and came home buzzing with excitement about the musical and their trip.  It all made for a very late night, though, and it was nearly 11am when we surfaced on Saturday - we had had a busy week, topped off by the trip, so it was no wonder that we were shattered.  The weather didn't help - very warm and muggy here, and not the sort of weather that inspires one into much action, I am afraid. I managed to cut about half the grass yesterday before I collapsed in a heap and needed lots of very cold drink to revive me enough to some more. There are still two lawns to go but rain has stopped play at the moment.

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Today the YFG and her friend have been to GoApe at Thetford Forest. The EFG and I were there too, but we were knitting in the car, and having the occasional mooch between the downpours, rather than getting drenched 40 feet up under the canopy of trees, harnessed to a safety wire [most of the time, although I am told there was a panic when they realised that the friend was not attached at one point] and doing Tarzan swings and zipwires.  I like solid ground too much to do all that.......scaredy cat, I know!  Typically, you might guess that there was a discount involved - as the YFG and her friend have both done the Duke of Edinburgh award, they were able to use their DofE cards to score a few pounds off their tickets!  Shame that we couldn't have foreseen the weather when we booked it.

The landscape of The Brecks is quite different from the Fens, and it was a change to have alternative scenery for the drive over to Forest Lodge.  The Scots pine trees are everywhere, and make quite a contrast with the almost treeless [in some places] Fenland landscape.  Our days out are nearly at an end as the YFG starts back for Sixth form next week and the EFG returns to Aberdeen a week on Saturday.....we reflected whilst we were chatting this afternoon that they have had a good summer of days out and trips, as well as their weeks away here and there.  The family which took the YFG away to Northumberland are coming round to dinner on Friday evening and the EF girls will arrive Saturday morning, so the YFG and I are full steam ahead on their room this week, hoping to have it finished by Thursday night so that we can go shopping for something nice for dinner on Friday!  That invitation was a bit spur of the moment and not in the menu plan......spontaneity is fun occasionally.


Dc said...

We walked around that general area a few months ago, certainly different to our part of Norfolk. When the girls go back to their respective education places, will you just have the exchange students as company?

Morgan said...

@DC - thanks for dropping in. No, the EFG will be off to Aberdeen but the YFG will be here with me as well as the exchange students as she will be doing A levels at the secondary school where she has done her last 5 years and her GCSE exams. She'll be at home for another two academic years - and then she is talking about applying to Aberdeen and Edinburgh among other unis - she feels that there is now a tradition to aspire to follow in that I went to St Andrews and with the EFG at Aberdeen, she thinks she wants to aim to go to Scotland too!