Sunday, 16 August 2015

Quote for the day

I came across this quotation from Franklin D Roosevelt this morning and it seems to sum up my thoughts on several things today.

(image from

I could rant on about that today, but I think I will leave you to reflect on it.  
We don't seem to have advanced very far since FDR said that.
It's not necessarily only about politics, but about aid, medicine and education too......


Angela said...

Just been watching Songs Of praise from the church at the migrant camp in Calais. These are my brothers and sisters who have fled war and persecution - they are not a 'swarm' - how easily we turn away and 'pass by on the other side'

Scarlet said...

How sad that those words are still true after so many years have passed. It is a damning indictment of the greed and selfishness which pervade large parts of society.I'm not sure that politics can be separated from aid, medicine and education. As a socialist I am denigrated and ridiculed for my views and beliefs, but better to be thought of as belonging to the 'loony left' than to ignore the plight of the poor, the disabled, the marginalised and the persecuted whilst those at the top of the heap become ever more wealthy.

Morgan said...

Don't get me started, Ang. Had a bit of a heated discussion about this with my dad in the week, and he just cannot see our [yours and mine] point of view on this, which I partially put down to his age. It is very frustrating. Watched Songs of Praise too, and thought it informative and sensitive. Not sure how best to do anything constructive to help though - so would welcome any ideas or information. Prayer is a place to start, and I can do that anyway xx