Saturday, 29 August 2015

Safely here

The two EF girls have safely arrived and are tucked up in bed!  They are shattered from a very long day, as they left Winchester at 7.30 am this morning and have been busily settling in, chatting and meeting new folk all day - they are doing very well.

The one we thought would be quiet is the more talkative, and the one which had appeared more outgoing is the quieter one at the moment - although we have had the violin played for 90 minutes this got better when she had finished the scales and actually played some pieces. She has an audition on Saturday, so she'll be practicing quite a lot this week, I think.

I've been taking photos of things to share with you over the last couple of days, but haven't got the photos on the laptop, so I may do that tomorrow afternoon.  Bed now, as I am off preaching in the morning xx

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Sandra Ann said...

Glad to read that your visitors have settled in. At the risk of sounding stupid what does EF stand for?!! I've worked out the YFG stands for youngest fen girl I hope that is correct!

Would it be possible for you to share about the telephone job without giving your location it personal details away? I am looking for home based work that fits around multiple disabilities and home schooling and if you are able to share it would be much appreciated. However if that does not fit right with you I totally understand :-)