Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Just plugging away

Nothing too exciting today to report - just getting on and getting "stuff" done:

washing and ironing

four hours on the phone

searching through sales on various websites for new trousers for the new job [jeans won't "do"]

cooking supper

the occasional text from the YFG in Northumberland - a walk, a castle visit and a row up a river today!

BUT tonight was a wee bit special as I was invited to go to the presentation evening of a local village show, where the FH had been a honey judge for a couple of years.  One of our friends, who was a fellow beekeeper,  had bought a winner's cup and instituted the FH's Honey Prize!  I went along and made the award tonight, which was quite special.  

UJ also came over tonight with a tray of early Rivers plums, so they must be processed for the freezer in the morning....

Best head off up the hill to Bedfordshire!

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Ali said...

What a lovely way to mark your husbands love of bees ... every show year. It must be really comforting. My husband did a bee keeping course before he became ill but never managed to keep them. He spent lots of happy hours during his last month's watching bumblebees.