Friday, 4 April 2014


If ever my slow cooker breaks down, I will definitely replace it faster than I have got my act together with the main oven, which is still a work-in-progress!  The slow cooker has worked its magic on some stewing beef, some onion, carrot and swede, and over about 10 hours, has produced the most delicious casserole tonight, just right for us coming home from gym tired and hungry!  All I had to do was steam some veg, which was quick and easy, and voila, supper was on the plates.  And then it wasn't, because we had eaten it smartish.  Long live slow cookers!  No photo, either, as we didn't waste time once the food hit the plates.

The FH got up and pottered yesterday, and then found that he was suffering for it this morning, so has remained in bed today.  That's about usual - one day up, one week in bed....

He has exhausted my charity shop supply of jigsaws this week, so I have brought some home from the chapel this morning.  Two of them he had already done, so they are going back on Sunday, but three of them looked sufficiently interesting to him that he would keep them and try them out.  I shall have to have another charity shop trawl and a poke around the library in the town this week to see if I can find him a few more.  A 500 piece one might get done in one or two days, but a 1000 piece one can keep him going for up to a week if it challenges him enough.  Cheap hobbies are the best, and this one definitely doesn't break the bank. He didn't feel well enough to go out to the lunch club on Wednesday so that is £4.50 to add to the jigsaw fund.

So looking forward to a bit of a break from routine over the next two weeks whilst the girls are off school.  The EFG's exams are looming so I know she will have her head in the books for most of the time, but I do hope to take them out once or twice for a change and some fresh air and sunshine - so please shine, sun!

Hope you all have a great weekend xx


SusanM said...

Exams here too. First one is at the end of April so Easter will be spent with son studying hard. The new exams in Scotland are at a much higher level than the previous Standard Grades. Like you, we hope to have a couple of days 'out' to have a change of scene and some fresh air, even just a wee trip to the beach and an ice cream. Good luck with exams at your end.

Lesley said...

I love my slow cooker too, which I bought after reading your and others' experiences. I tried rice pudding yesterday...not an unqualified success. I hope that you have a good break. The sun is shining here this morning, so maybe it heard you! Lesley x

Welsh Poppy said...

Whilst on holiday this past week I as able to stock Mr WP with 6 ravensburger jigsaws from a CS .I got ever so excited as lady had said they came in that morning and not even been opened:)

Hope FH is feeling a bit better.
We have had our home adapted stairlift, wetroom,grab rail.We do need to move to a bungalow but for now these adaptions have made the house more accesable.

Angela said...

Have you tried appealing for jigsaws on FreeCycle?