Friday, 18 April 2014

Persil pennies

I often blog about how long I can make things last.  I shared back in January about these boxes of Persil washing powder - I made the last box do 78 washes in comparison with the 50 washes that the box promises.  

So when I started on the next box, I used a different measure to scoop up the powder for each load.  I filled this little cup each time - it is an old measure from a liquid detergent bottle but it does the job.

It made the difference!
The box of washing powder lasted three months, almost to the day.

But, best of all, it vastly improved the number of washes I got out of the box of powder - 123 compared to just 78!

And, do you know what, our clothes were just as clean!

These boxes of powder cost me £6 each, just before Christmas, and so I have improved the cost per wash from 8p down to just under 5p - even better!  A lot better than the recommended dosage which would be 12p/wash.  I am not sure that I can improve on 123 washes from a box, but watch this space, and in about another three months, I'll let you know!


SusanM said...

Well done! I always stock up on Persil non bio liquid when it's half price but probably only go through 2 or 3 bottles a year. I'm also using Aldi's non bio liquid which is very cheap and seems ok. I also cut things in half to make them last - cheap dishwasher tablets are cut in two and stored in an airtight ice cream plastic container, sponge scrubbers and soap filled pads are cut in 3, and dishcloths (when I buy them) are cut in two. Even the dog biscuits are divided into 2. Makes everything last much longer x

Angela said...

I am using Aldi tabs - 1½ tabs per wash, not 2 [1 doesn't get things clean enough, 2 is overkill]
I only wash and rinse once with hair shampoo ['wash, rinse and repeat' is a marketing gimmick]
And I am using slightly smaller dinner plates [helps reduce waste AND waist]

thrift deluxe said...

We use Method and I get around 58 washes from a 25 wash bottle, depending on what I'm washing. It's fairly expensive so I'm glad to be able to stretch it!

Morgan said...

@SusanM - some fab ideas shared in your comment there - thank you!
@Ang - yes, I'm with you on the shampooing, and we started using smaller plates too - it all helps x
@thrift deluxe - I haven't heard of Method, but if you can stretch it too, then well done. I am sure that all these manufacturers encourage us to use more than we really need to.

Thanks for all your comments - lovely to hear from you and I hope you all have a lovely Easter weekend xx